Currently working on a 3D environmental scanning and immersive media project that will enable viewers to navigate through my late artist grandmother’s home, which no longer exists as a physical space. This project explores preservation and memorialization through the lens of personal history.


Creative director and communications strategist specializing in visual storytelling, media, and technology.

The Amazing Women's Club

I grew up not more than 10 minutes away from my grandmother’s house, but I didn’t step foot inside until my twenties. Since crossing that threshold, we’ve been purging, clearing pathways, and resurfacing ephemera of decades past.

When you live in a shrine to your past, how do you prepare for the future? This project is an attempt to collaborate with my 92-year-old grandmother, recasting the function of an heirloom to embody the process of co-creation across generations and the digital divide.

June’s ability to remember is deteriorating, prompting new urgency to piece together the remaining fragments. In doing so, I’ve bumped up against the limitations of the very tools that are supposed to aid in the process of preservation; it is in butchered audio transcriptions, distorted 3D scans, and glitchy VHS tapes that the fragility of memory is made manifest.


Creative director and visual communications designer exploring what’s next in storytelling.

The Amazing Women's Club
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