Currently working on a 3D environmental scanning and immersive media project that will enable viewers to navigate through my late artist grandmother’s home, which no longer exists as a physical space. This project explores preservation and memorialization through the lens of personal history.


Creative director and communications strategist specializing in visual storytelling, media, and technology.

The Amazing Women's Club

Simone Salvo

spatial, digital, interactive

Wata Na Life

Using Photoshop techniques, artist Ngadi Smart blends scenery, portraits, and objects to tell a more authentic story about Sierra Leone than any single photo can convey: fishing net surrounds a woman’s face with the strength and regality of a lion's mane; harvested palm kernels defy gravity in whimsical suspension; and a littered port gets shrouded in pink tin. Smart is intently countering the history of the Western gaze.

The accompanying experience follows suit, purposefully deconstructing the layers to reveal the stories embedded in each collage and breaking critical elements out of the frame and into the viewer’s own spatial reality.

Selection from Ngadi Smart’s “Wata Na Life” series.

This Augmented Reality experience was developed by Simone Salvo and Lisa Jamhoury, co-founders of Parallel, for the 2022 Look Climate Lab at Open Eye gallery in Liverpool, UK.  It has since been exhibited at Fotofestival Lenzburg (Switzerland) and The Africa Centre (UK).

See more documentation at parallellab.io ︎︎︎

Inspired by artists, like Ngadi, pushing their societies forward, the work of Parallel probes today’s cutting edge communications technology as a means to invite embodied participation. We believe that activating new tools, alongside existing models of art- and change-making, can offer additional entry points to engage with critical issues and expand the potential impact of a story.

Testing the AR with Open Eye Gallery, UK
Designed at the start of the pandemic to reach those who are especially isolated, Neighborline is a daily phone call that connects people on the line at random for a friendly chat.

With so much of our social lives being sustained online, we wanted to build a bridge to those in our community left behind by technology. But it's also for anyone who misses impromptu exchanges or is burnt out from their screens.

2020, created in collaboration with Dawn Sinkowski and Terrell Ibanez


Launched in 2015 during the Paris Climate Conference, #Reframeclimate is an interactive public art campaign challenging stereotypical notions of climate change imagery and sparking conversation amongst passersby. It has since been shown across the Bay Area, CA, Charlottesville, VA, and New York City.

Each large-scale pasting contains an SMS prompt to engage further with the image. Users receive a phone call with audio of the photographer describing the story behind their image. 

We also developed an immerisve web version of the project using photogrammetry to extend the campaign beyond physical space.

Magnum Foundation, Dysturb, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.


Value of Sanctuary

A public installation of seven billboards from the For Freedoms 50 State Initiative that showcase artist responses to issues of migration and the family separation crisis at the US-Mexico border. This project was included as a part of The Value of Sanctuary exhibition at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in NYC, and is still currently on view along the 110th Street perimeter.

Magnum Foundation, For Freedoms, The Cathedral of St. John  the Divine

Creative director and visual communications designer exploring what’s next in storytelling.

The Amazing Women's Club
On View

Wata Na Life is currently on view at the Format Festival, Derby, UK.