Hi, I’m Simone.

I’m a creative strategist and communications director working across the fields of visual storytelling, media, and technology.

︎ production + curation
  1. Reframe Climate
  2. Value of Sanctuary
  3. Value of Food
  4. The Nation

︎ web + interactive
  1. Wata Na Life
  2. Neighborline
  3. Internet Sanctuary
  4. Say Her Name

︎ for fun
  1. Energy Exchange
  2. Junie Moon
  3. The Gates

︎ in progress


Launched in 2015 during the Paris Climate Conference, #Reframeclimate is an interactive public art campaign challenging stereotypical notions of climate change imagery and sparking conversation amongst passersby. 

Each large-scale pasting contains an SMS prompt to engage further with the image. Users receive a phone call with audio of the photographer describing the story behind their image.

Magnum Foundation, Dysturb, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program