Currently working on a 3D environmental scanning and immersive media project that will enable viewers to navigate through my late artist grandmother’s home, which no longer exists as a physical space. This project explores preservation and memorialization through the lens of personal history.


Creative director and communications strategist specializing in visual storytelling, media, and technology.

The Amazing Women's Club

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The Gates


A website inspired by Christo and Jeanne-Claud’s The Gates, a 2005 public installation displayed over 23 miles in Central Park. The arrangement of sky fragments changes each time the cursor is clicked, and dissapear upon hover. Translating a physical experience into a digital one, I was interested in the idea of ephemerality and preservation in our built environment and on the web.

The Gates, Central Park

Creative director and visual communications designer exploring what’s next in storytelling.

The Amazing Women's Club
On View

Wata Na Life is currently on view at the Format Festival, Derby, UK.